About Us


“It is the goal of Recluse to provide functional and innovative holsters; that exceed our customers expectations.”


Back in 2006 I had a need for a pocket holster for summer carry of my .380. After performing the usual process of online reviews and YouTube videos it seemed that most pocket holsters either had a tendency to come out with the handgun or there were several motions needed to draw effectively. Relating my experience in construction I realized that rather then fix a design by building on it why not start from scratch. And so with a piece of cardboard and exercise mat the first "One Sided Pocket Holster" was made. Moving on to leather and urethane a holster was made that met my pocket carry needs. While showing a friend this holster I was informed that this friend had been carrying a .32 loose in his pocket for 8 years for a lack of a good holster. The friend was provided a One Sided holster for testing and when he came back a week later he enthusiastically said, "I'll keep it!"

From there more research was done to see what history, if any, there was on a One Sided holster. It was determined that applying for a provisional patent while seeing if there was a need for an innovative pocket holster to meet others carry needs was viable. It did not take long before the word was out that the Recluse holster really works. With increased interest and requests for holsters to fit more handgun models I kept designing and making holsters. A full patent application was submitted and granted as U.S. Patent #8,302,827.

The years are slipping by and we are still hand molding and sewing each holster to fit more than 45 different handguns in the One Sided and Two Sided pocket holster designs. I thank our customers for their part in providing feedback and sharing with friends how a Recluse holster is meeting their needs!

Tod Cole