Beretta Pico Recluse TS Solo

Beretta Pico Recluse TS Solo



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The TS Solo holster provide an innovative approach to the clam shell design allowing for full coverage and easy draw. The full coverage on the outside minimizes printing. On the inside the leather is molded around the muzzle & trigger guard to provide stability for the handgun while holstered. Whether going with steer hide or horsehide the holsters are molded and saddle stitched by hand for long term durability.

Measurements: 5 3/8" tall x 4 1/8" wide x 1" thick.

Available in USA 8/9 oz Steer hide or 7/8 oz Horsehide in Black or Natural Tan.

Also available in the patented Recluse One Sided (OS) holsters.

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